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Life can be tough, comparison and competition can lead you down a dark road. Play Your Game encourages and empowers YOU to run your own race, to find your own course and learn how to stay on track.

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We will be releasing our 2023 FIRST QUARTER Camps + Classes soon!

PYG will be hosting its yearly adult league so tell your friends because its time to sign up! This year it will cost $88 with that there will be a total of 8 games played. 7 of the games will be played by everyone and the last game will only be played by the two teams with the best records. If multiple teams are tied at the end we will determine a tie breaker, In order to send two teams for the championship! 

The sign up deadline ends on April 18th.

This year we will also give the opportunity for people to create their own teams although teams that are obviously overpowered will be denied in order to keep the league competitive.

We will pick team captains and draft teams with remaining players on April 21st, game times will also be added then.


Game Dates

Week 1: April 23

Week 2: April 30

Week 3: May 7

Week 4: May 14

Week 5: May 21

Week 6: May 28

Week 7: June 4

Week 8(Championship): June 11


Text “Adult Hoops” to 760-388-7495 to receive updates and information. This is the best way to stay in touch. You will get a reply text. Press the link to complete the text sign up. Not only will information about the adult league be sent out but also information regarding Open Gym times and other PYG events.

Youth camps will be coming out very soon stay up to date and checkout our website for more information about Play Your Game!! 


O U R   M  I S S I O N

Life can be tough, comparison and competition can lead you down a dark road. Play Your Game encourages and empowers YOU to run your own race, to find your own course and learn how to stay on track.

With COVID 19 impacting the lives, activities and opportunities for youth in the Kern River Valley the PYG club provides space and programs for youth and young adults of varying ages. 

Examples of creative arts activities may include:  Musical Instrument Training, Vocal Training, Editing, and Graphic Design, Dance, Sound Editing and Mixing, Culinary Training, etc.

Examples of athletic activities may include:  Sport and Skill Specific Fundamental Training, Martial Arts, Speed Training, Basketball, Volleyball, Tournaments, Clinics, Leagues, etc. 


Problem We ARE Solving 

In a small rural town, during a global pandemic, activities and outlets for young people are hard to find. As a result, youth end up in trouble, going down negative paths, which has the potential to damage their futures. 

In a town, greatly impacted by drug abuse, domestic violence and low- income families, youth have too few positive relationships, opportunities, and resources to help them move in a positive life direction. Schools and government programs are not enough, youth need positive extracurricular activities to engage in. Play Your Game presents this opportunity to the youth of the community.


Our Solution and Target Audience  

A 12,000 square foot facility dedicated to Arts and Athletics will primarily focus its marketing and programs on middle school, high school and young adults. However, PYG Arts and Athletic programs will be offered to varying ages and people groups within the community. Grade school programs and elderly senior programs will be available to meet broad- spectrum needs of the people in the Kern River Valley. 


Kaden Preston

Kaden is 19 years old and was raised in this community. He is an outstanding athlete and is well connected with the current student body and sports programs in this community. In his years at Kern Valley High School Kaden was an excellent student athlete who academically graduated in the top 20 of the class of 2021. Athletically, Kaden was named the High Desert League Most Valuable Player in Basketball. On the football field, he was included as an All-State Quarterback during his junior year. His senior season was drastically changed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, exposing a great need for the Play Your Game Recreation Center. 

Play Your Game was a brand name created by Kaden as a middle school student. It was a statement he was constantly saying to his fellow athletes when they were struggling, encouraging them to focus on what they can do best. 


The Angels Roost Band donated their week to invest in the youth of this camp to learn an instrument, write a song, develop new skills, build confidence, and most importantly find a love for music.

Thank you Angels Roost!

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